Tomb Raider Legend & Tomb Raider Anniversary Now Backwards Compatible on Xbox One

Microsoft has recently added another two Tomb Raider gems to their long list of games that have been added to Xbox One’s backwards compatibility list over the past few years. After Tomb Raider Underworld became backwards compatible last year, Tomb Raider Legend & Anniversary have finally been added as well, which makes the so-called “LAU”-Trilogy complete.

In 2006, Tomb Raider Legend was released. The game was developed by Crystal Dynamics, after the final Core Design game, The Angel of Darkness, was released in 2005. Lara Croft’s story was rebooted in Tomb Raider Legend and the game impressed with a new graphics engine and fabulous level design. A year after the release of Legend, Tomb Raider Anniversary was released. In order to celebrate the anniversary of the first Tomb Raider game from 1996, Anniversary was a complete remake of Lara’s very first adventure – but with a lick of fresh paint. In 2008, Tomb Raider Underworld then continued Lara Croft’s adventure from Legend.

If you need a good warm-up for the upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which will be released in less than a month, playing through Legend and Anniversary again will be the best thing to do! And what makes it even better: Both games are available for less than 2 €/$/£ via the official Microsoft store at the moment!

Happy raiding!

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