Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel Symphony Announced

The Tomb Raider community is well-known for creating the most incredible, passionate and beautiful fan projects.

The masterminds behind the project

Now, another project of this kind was revealed and no other than official fansite Tomb of Ash and original Tomb Raider composer Peter Connelly are behind it. The project is called “Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel” and not only Ash put his heart and soul into this incredible piece of work, Tomb Raider composer Peter Connelly played a huge part in developing The Dark Angel as well – because it is Connelly’s original Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, Tomb Raider: Chronicles and Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness music, which will be transformed and rearranged, that will be in the spotlight.

Furthermore, the incredible artist Inna Vjuzhanina was among the team as well an she created breath-taking art for the project.

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What Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel is about

A few days ago it was revealed what exactly The Dark Angel is about. The team knows how to tease the fans and keep them excited, and this is why they will reveal more info in the next couple of weeks and not give everything away immediately – we love that! Nevertheless, here is what we know so far and what composer Peter Connelly has revealed in the official announcement:

This year marks 15 years since Tomb Raider – The Angel of Darkness hit the shelves.

Next year is the 20th anniversary of my debut in the Tomb Raider franchise, composing the score for Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation.

To celebrate this, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign to produce a studio album featuring the music from Tomb Raider 4, 5 and 6.

This campaign has been organised entirely by a dedicated group of die-hard Tomb Raider fans and features world-class names from within the music industry. 

The album will not be a direct copy of the original Tomb Raider games’ scores, although it will remain faithful to them.

The music will be transformed and rearranged using techniques and personnel that were simply not available or within reach 15–20 years ago.

The original versions of my tracks will also be made available, properly remastered and beautifully presented, to tie-in with the new orchestral album.

You can read the full announcement here.

Kickstarter Campaign to go live on October, 1st

As stated above, the Kickstarter campaign to fund The Dark Angel Symphony goes live on October, 1st 2018. The team has been teasing the fans with pledge rewards, which will be revealed in the next couple of weeks.


Social Channels of The Dark Angel Symphony

To not miss any update and news on TDA, we strongly recommend to check out and follow the official The Dark Angel social channels as listed below:


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