Cosplay Laura

Today’s featured cosplayer is Laura Müller, “Cosplay Laura”, from Germany. Laura, who is 24 years old, is still quite new to the cosplay community and has been cosplaying for half a year now. Although she cosplays other characters too, cosplaying Lara Croft from Rise of the Tomb Raider is one of her most significant cosplays … More Cosplay Laura

Xeno-Morpheus Cosplay

The talented Lara Croft cosplay community consists not only of women but of incredibly talented men, too. To introduce you to one of said male cosplayers, today’s featured cosplayer is another wonderful friend of mine – Jack aka Xeno-Morpheus! Jack started cosplaying in September 2015 when attending a cosplay gathering at EGX in his classic Tomb Raider inspired … More Xeno-Morpheus Cosplay

Jenn Croft Cosplay

The 3rd featured cosplayer is no other than Ms Jenn Croft herself! She’s not only an incredibly talented, strong and beautiful woman, but a close and appreciated friend, too. We’re very pleased to have her and her amazing cosplay photos featured here. Jenn has been cosplaying since 2000, after renting Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation … More Jenn Croft Cosplay

Santatory Cosplay

I’m happy to present you the first featured cosplayer of Rise of the Tomb Raider Web: Santatory! You might have already seen her photos on the ROTTR Facebook page. Nevertheless, you can find extended information about this beautiful and talented cosplayer below as well as her three best ROTTR cosplay shots! >> Santatory’s Cosplay Facebook … More Santatory Cosplay