Xeno-Morpheus Cosplay

The talented Lara Croft cosplay community consists not only of women but of incredibly talented men, too. To introduce you to one of said male cosplayers, today’s featured cosplayer is another wonderful friend of mine – Jack aka Xeno-Morpheus!

Jack started cosplaying in September 2015 when attending a cosplay gathering at EGX in his classic Tomb Raider inspired outfit, which also happened to be his very first cosplay costume ever.

Photo by Darren Rowley Photography

One of his most famous outfits is his Kurtis Trent cosplay from Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness, including a working Chirugai prop, which Jack wore to RePlay Expo in 2016 where he also met Kurtis’ creator Murti Schofield.

Photo by Jamie Wood

Jack’s most recent outfit is no other than the Tomb Raider Reboot inspired one which he wore to EGX 2016.  He has also created and crafted an incredible Sola wetsuit costume from Tomb Raider II, which he wore to the Guinness World Record attempt at PGW in Paris in October 2016.

Photo by Jamie Wood

Regarding future cosplay outfits, Jack is thinking about the Tomb Raider III Nevada outfit, as it is his all time favourite, and the re-imagined Antarctica outfit from Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Don’t forget to check out Jack’s Facebook page, where albums from shoots and events can be found!

We’re looking forward to seeing much more from the talented and passionate cosplayer Xeno-Morpheus!

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