Jenn Croft Cosplay

The 3rd featured cosplayer is no other than Ms Jenn Croft herself! She’s not only an incredibly talented, strong and beautiful woman, but a close and appreciated friend, too. We’re very pleased to have her and her amazing cosplay photos featured here.
Jenn has been cosplaying since 2000, after renting Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation for the Playstation and deciding to put together a Lara costume for Halloween. Also, Jenn is the official Tomb Raider Cosplay Ambassador for the United States! Check out Jenn’s official social media channels below and click through a lot more of her amazing cosplay photos:

Twitter: _JennCroft_
Instagram: Jenncroftcosplay
Tumblr: JennCroftCosplay
Twitch: JennCroftCosplay

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