Fan Project Feature: Tomb Raider III HD Remaster

It is well known that I appreciate the members of the Tomb Raider community most for their extraordinary talents they always show and share with the rest of the community. Today, we will spotlight and feature another breath-taking fan project: A HD remaster of the epic third game in the Tomb Raider series – Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft.


About The Project

On the official Tomb Raider III HD Remaster website, it reads:

The purpose is to remake all the game textures to a high definition. The original textures size is really small, 64×64 pixels. With a high definition texture the game’s visual will look a lot better, and will give a new life to this old classic.

Nothing besides the textures resolution will be changed, so the polygons and the gameplay will be the same. This is not a remake! But this textures remaster will change a lot in the game graphics and atmosphere.

In case you are already wondering what the results may look like, have a look at some of the work in progress before and after screenshots below. You can find more screenshots on the official Tomb Raider III HD Remaster website!


In order to get your hands on these beautiful, HD remastered levels you have to own Tomb Raider III for PC in the first place. Furthermore, it is necessary to install a Patch that allows older games, including the Tomb Raider series, to run in widescreen and to enable a feature to swap the textures of the game in the computer memory to the high definition textures. There is a full instructions site available in English and Portuguese which will help you run Tomb Raider III with the HD textures step by step. Find it here.

Kindy note: At the moment, only the Coastal Village level is remastered. The other levels will follow.


The Mastermind Behind The Remaster

The project founder, executer and mastermind behind the Tomb Raider III HD Remaster is Giovanni Lucca. He is a teacher of image editing with Photoshop and an environment designer, he also develops 3D objects and scenarios for creating games. Giovanni is a big fan of the classic Tomb Raider series.

Work in progress screenshot, Coastal Village

Support The Project

There are several ways to support this outstanding fan project. First off, make sure to check out the official project website and the corresponding social media channels listed below. Apart from that, you are free to make a PayPal donation through the project’s website.

Social Channels



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