Memorable Moment Monday – Lara’s World Trip in Tomb Raider III

This Memorable Moment Monday, we will have a look at Lara Croft’s adventurous world trip around the globe, searching for the Meteorite artefact, starting in the ruins of an ancient Indian Hindu temple once inhabited by the Infada tribe. In the course of events in Tomb Raider III – Adventures of Lara Croft, our beloved heroine sets out on an adventure around the globe, visiting and exploring five famous locations.

The first location Lara visits is India. After having successfully completed the India levels, the player can choose to travel to South Pacific, London, and to Nevada in any order. The final location is Antarctica, which closes the game. Let’s have a closer look at the different adventure locations.


The India location consists of four different levels, namely Jungle, Temple Ruins, The River Ganges, and Caves of Kaliya.

       1. Jungle

Jungle is the very first level in Tomb Raider III. From medipack stealing monkeys to over-hungry piranhas and tigers, to deadly swamps and moving spike walls, everything that makes a real Raider’s heart flutter, is presented. If not eaten up or spiked, Lara will find the Indra Key at the end of the level.


2. Temple Ruins

In the second level, Temple Ruins, Lara finds a campsite, where she encounters Tony, who seems to have gone a little mad. He tells Lara about his two collegues who apparently got missing in the ruins. And Lara sets off to explore said ruins. The most memorable part of this level are probably the Shiva Statues which come to life as Lara enters the ruins. Cobras and knife blades keep it interesting for Lara and the player.


      3. The River Ganges

The third level brings Lara to the River Ganges. The Infada Stone is in possession of mad guy Tony,  who tries to flee with his raft on the river. Ms. Croft notices a Quad Bike nearby and starts following Tony to get the stone back.


4. Caves Of Kaliya

This is the last level in the India location in Tomb Raider III. Lara Croft finally encounters Tony, defeats him and claims the Infada Stone. The caves are built like a maze, Lara needs to find a way through. After the end of this level, the player can choose whether to go to South Pacific, London or Nevada next.


South Pacific

Guided by Dr. Willard’s advice, Lara travels to the warm, bright South Pacific location to find another artefact. The location offers four levels, starting with the Coastal Village. The Crash Site, Madubu Gorge and the Temple of Puna complete the location’s levels. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen!

    1. Coastal Village

Lara Croft has to find her way through a village located near the coast, always threatened by dangerous animals both in the water and on land, and by unfriendly natives that will attack Lara with spears and poisonous blowdarts. (Ladies, notice the bright pink diamonds you’ll have to collect in the level).


2. Crash Site

As the name suggests, Lara will find a crash site in the second South Pacific level. Specifically, she finds a military plane wreck in a jungle area, protected and populated by all kinds of dinosaurs. Lara needs to find the keys to the plane in order to use the airplane’s rear cannon to continue to Madubu Gorge.


3. Madubu Gorge

The Madubu Gorge level offers a huge area and a kayak Lara can and will use to proceed in the level.


4. Temple of Puna

The Temple of Puna is the final level in the South Pacific area and Lara encounters the Puna boss. In the end of this quite short level, Lara will grab the Ora Dagger, another part of the Meteorite artefact.



Ahh, London. After all this tropical heat, rainy and cold London seems to be a nice (climate) change. Four levels can be found in the London location, starting with Thames Wharf, Aldwych, Lud’s Gate and clsoing with City.

     1. Thames Wharf

In the first level of London, Lara visits the famous St. Paul’s Cathedral and raids its roof to find a way through to Aldwych. Lara can also find a Cathedral Key, which unfortunately only counts as a secret and does not open any doors. It needs to be found in order to access the bonus level, though.


2. Aldwych

The Aldwych level leads Lara in the abandoned and shut down underground station Aldwych. To access the platform, Lara has to find a coin to buy a ticket in order to reach the platform. She also meets the so called Damned in the tunnels. But be cautious – the trains still run down here and Lara may get hit if she walks on the tracks while a train is approaching!


3. Lud’s Gate

In the third London level, Lara finds out a lot more about the Damned and what led to their damnation. It turns out that the Damned are just victims of Sophia Leigh’s experiments which made them immortal. Lara is told that a special item, the Embalming Fluid, which can be found inside the Natural History Museum, can deliver the Damned from their immortality. So Lara Croft decides to visit the museum.


4. City

In the final level, Lara pays a visit to bad girl Sophia Leigh, who possesses a piece of the Meteorite artefact, the Eye of Isis. Ms. Croft has to fight Sophia, in order to get the artefact from her. Every blondie needs a brownie! Or something like that…



Fleeing from London’s cold, Lara heads to Nevada to find the Element 115, another piece of the Meteorite artefact, in the Area 51. Nevada consists of only three levels, namely the Nevada Desert, High Security Compound and the famous Area 51.

       1. Nevada Desert

In the first level of the Nevada area, Lara Croft is trying to find a way to the secret military base Area 51. She wears her well-known Nevada outfit and steals a Quad Bike. Besides that, she also causes a small detonation.


2. High Security Compound

At the end of the first level, after a risky jump over a fence with the Quad Bike, Lara gets caught by security guards and her weapons are taken away from her. In the second level, she wakes up without her weapons and she will not get them back for the majority of this level. The objective is to escape the High Security Compound again and proceed to the Area 51.


3. Area 51

Lara smuggles herself into the Area 51 zone by hiding behind some boxes in a truck that goes this direction. The Area 51 consists of many area surroundings like a hangar with an UFO. A secret whale tank can also be found which Lara can access and so go for a swim with the whales. In the end of the final Nevada level, Lara finally finds the Element 115. And now has everything she needs to leave to Antarctica.




Antarctica is the last location Lara visits in Tomb Raider III. She travels to this cold continent in order to give the Meteorite artefacts to Dr. Willard, but Lara discovers his true intentions and has no other choice but trying to stop him. Antarctica consists of four levels – Antarctica, RX-Tech Mines, Lost City of Tinnos and Meteorite Cavern.

       1. Antarctica

In the first level, Lara has to find a way into the RX Explorer ship in order to lower the boat and continue to the compound where Willard is located. Lara completely relies on a yellow inflatable boat that will help her cross the freezing cold waters, which are so cold, that Lara will die trying to swim or dive in them.


2. RX-Tech Mines

The RX-Tech Mines is the second level located in the Antarctica area. In this level, Lara follows Willard and ends up in the RX-Tech mines, very close to the area where the meteor fell down in the beginning of the game. Unfortunately, the meteor’s energies have transformed the mine workers into hideous mutants.


3. Lost City of Tinnos

At the end of the second level, Lara reaches the deepest parts of the mine and finds the entrance to the ancient Lost City of Tinnos. In this level, the famous Food Chain Riddle can be found. Besides that, Lara needs to find a way around a collapsed bridge and has to find four Oceanic Masks and a key in order to reveal the path to the Meteorite Cavern.


4. Meteorite Cavern

We have reached the final level of the Antarctica location and the final level of Tomb Raider III, which closes the game. In this level, Lara comes face to face with the Willard Mutant, the final boss in the game. She has to kill him and collect all four parts of the artefact while doing so.



Bonus Level – All Hallows

If you were a busy bee while completing Tomb Raider III and have collected at least 59 secrets in the game, you will gain access to the All Hallows bonus level. It is not sure where the bonus level is set, some think it may be St. Paul’s Cathedral, since Lara found the Cathedral Key there, which had no function earlier in the game. Others think only one of the two churches actually named All Hallows in London can be meant. Either way, by completing All Hallows, you can go back to India, Nevada and Antartica with infinite ammo and replay those levels. Due to a bug, it is not possible to replay London and South Pacific with unlimited ammo again.


Copyright information: All shown screenshots have been taken by the admin of the official fansite Tomb Raider Web. If you want to use them publicly make sure to name us (Tomb Raider Web) as the source of origin!




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