Shadow of the Tomb Raider: The Final Chapter of Lara Croft’s Origin Story

Almost a week ago, the most anticipated next chapter of Lara Croft‘s adventures was announced. As previously leaked, the name of the upcoming game will in fact be Shadow of the Tomb Raider.


Shadow of the Tomb Raider will deal with Lara Croft‘s defining moments as she becomes the Tomb Raider and is the final chapter of her origin story, which started in 2013 with “Tomb Raider” and was continued in 2015 with “Rise of the Tomb Raider“.
The game will hit store shelves on September, 14. Watch the official teaser trailer below:

Many fans were really happy about the fact, that the upcoming Tomb Raider game will not be a timed exclusive this time – it will be released simultaneously on Xbox One, Xbox One X, PS4, and PC. You can already pre-order SOTTR here. The official game Reveal Events will be held on April, 27 in London, Montreal and Los Angeles.

In the meantime, the official Tomb Raider website offers the Path of the Stars puzzle which unlocks exclusive clues to Lara Croft’s next adventure in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. A new level will launch every Monday along with another chance to win a prize, leading up to the grand reveal of Shadow of the Tomb Raider on April 27th. If you solve the puzzle, you have the chance to win a trip for two to a Shadow of the Tomb Raider Reveal Event in one of the above mentioned cities!


Head over to the Tomb Raider website to solve the puzzle – When each level is completed over 5,000 times, a new clue for Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be unlocked!

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