Tomb Raider 25 – Tomb Raider (1996)

In her very first adventure, fearless archaeologist Lara Croft sets out in search of the mythical Scion. And so began a long series of adventures for our beloved heroine – adventures that, 25 years later, are still firmly embedded in everyone’s hearts and memories. Tomb Raider was released in 1996 for (initially) Sega Saturn and an icon was born. In this post you’ll find several highlights celebrating the first Tomb Raider game.

The Voices of Lara Croft Interview

Enjoy this retrospective look at the original Tomb Raider, featuring two women who helped launch Lara Croft into an international icon. Check out this epic interview with the voices of Lara Croft Shelley Blond & Natalie Cook!

Tomb Raider 1996 Reimagined Box Art

You might have already spotted the epic artwork featured as header photo in this article – This months reimagined box art for the original Tomb Raider game was designed by Crystal Dynamic’s Franchise Art Director & TR mega-fan Brenoch Adams. He jumped at the chance to reimagine the cover for Lara’s very first adventure, which you can see in full below. Make sure to download the full pack of wallpapers, social banners, and the printable box here.

Tomb Raider 1996 Fanart Showcases

Last but not least, have a look at this amazing fanart showcase for Tomb Raider 1996 featuring the fan’s art, images, cosplay, and so on!

Extra-treat: TR25 Valentine’s Day Cards

To top-up the celebrations a little more, Crystal commissioned uber-talented artist and community member Irene Aimee to make a series of V-Day cards that celebrates each of the games in the Tomb Raider franchise. Check out all of them here.

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