Tomb Raider Reboot Funko Pop! Revealed

A few days ago, Toy Fair New York revealed a brand new Funko Pop! figure in their Pop! Games category: Lara Croft.

lara_croft_rebootfunko.jpgThe undisputed queen of gaming was honoured by receving a Pop! figure based on the classic Lara Croft version last year, which was released along with a Rock Candy Lara Croft figure. Now, paying tribute to the reboot games and the latest version of Lara, Pop! has released another figure.

The figure is shown with the iconic look from the award winning 2013 reboot Tomb Raider and is available now. Lara Croft is sporting her famous reboot ice-axe, bow and a pistol ready to go on an adventure … or just coming back from one? The added dirt, bandages, the convinced look on her face and her action-ready position may indicate this.

Below you can find a gallery with adventurous photos taken by the amazing team at Crystal Dynamics.

The figure should be available worldwide and is being sold through different stores. For the United States you can find it, for example, on
For all other areas we recommend using Google search to find a local store or online store selling the Pop! figure in your country!

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