Tomb Raider Movie Promo – The “Croft Camp”

Recently, a “Croft Camp” event was held in Los Angeles, CA, in order to promote the upcoming Tomb Raider movie starring Oscar© winning actress Alicia Vikander.

For this purpose, attendees were invited by Warner Bros. to join them in Los Angeles for a one-day training session with Alicia Vikander’s trainer Magnus Lygdback. Attendees were offered a four-hour experience of physical training, similar to Alicia Vikander’s training regimen for the Tomb Raider 2018 movie.

Besides other well-known faces, official Tomb Raider cosplay ambassador for the United States, Jenn Croft, attended the event as well.

Croft Camp” demanded a lot from the attendees who showed and improved their already great physical skills and strenght. Because being that active makes even the hardest Croft pretty hungry, some delicious, healthy (and insanely good looking) food was offered to the hard-working Raiders.

Click through the gallery below to see some photos of the event!

Image source & photo credits: Official Tomb Raider Flickr; Jenn Croft Cosplay

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