Merry Christmas, Raiders!

Another year is almost over now and we at Tomb Raider Web would like to thank you for having been so amazing and supportive throughout the year 2017!


We had some fantastic and exclusive interviews with i.a. Tomb Raider composer Nathan McCree, Nora & Petra, who produced an incredible Tomb Raider fan film, and fan-favourite artist Inna Vjuzhanina.

Furthermore, the Memorable Moment Monday series was initiated, the upcoming Tomb Raider movie was announced and, lately, a new Tomb Raider game was announced as well. Wow! We also got Rise of the Tomb Raider for Xbox One X and, not to forget, Nathan McCree’s Kickstarter campaign to record ‘The Tomb Raider Suite‘, was a great success!

Besides that, we changed our fansite’s name from ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider Web‘ to ‘Tomb Raider Web‘ in order to highlight we do not only focus on the reboot content but on the classic Tomb Raider games as well. Additionally, the incredible Nicobass released his Tomb Raider II remake demo, which literally knocked our socks off. What an exciting year!


However, the most important thing is YOUR support! The corresponding Facebook fan page counts almost 17.000 fans, which is absolutely incredible. Your support is what keeps us going and what keeps this fansite alive, THANK YOU.


We always try to give you something back – it is not much, but the amazing team at Crystal Dynamics provided us with a Steam code for Deus Ex – Mankind Divided and we’d like to give it away to one of you amazing people. Keep your eyes open for a post on Facebook including the raffle. This will probably be after Christmas but before New Year’s Eve.


Happy Holidays, Raiders! Have the most wonderful christmas days, enjoy all the chocolate and delicious food, and relax as best as you can.

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