Fan Project Feature: Tomb Raider II Remake

There are plenty of amazing fan projects in the Tomb Raider universe and today we will give our full attention to Nicobass‘ incredible remake of Core Design’s 1997 Tomb Raider II game. Nicobass’ remake is called “Tomb Raider: The Dagger of Xian” (Tomb Raider DOX).


Nicobass has been working a lot on this project, realising his creative ideas using the Unreal Engine 4 by Epic Games. He has created about an hour of gameplay at the moment, and Nicobass has just announced on Twitter and Facebook, that the demo of his Tomb Raider DOX game will be available September 1st, providing a huge part of “The Great Wall” level!


In close cooperation with Dean Kopri, even the music for the game was remade. The main theme for Tomb Raider DOX is inspired by Nathan McCree’s original Tomb Raider II theme. We adore Nathan’s original score, but what Dean Kopri did here is just as fantastic! You can listen to the full track below:

Furthermore, the amazingly talented artist Inna Vjuzhanina and well-known voice actress Jennifer R. Milward made a contribution to Nicobass’ project – with Inna providing stunning textures and Jennifer lending her voice.


If you are eager for more and can’t wait for the demo to be available, you can check out the gameplay from the first cave of “The Great Wall” level below!


Nicobass is one of the most dedicated Tomb Raider fans, taking all his passion and creativity and putting it into this fantastic remake – and what he did there was really hard work. What makes him even more adorable is the fact that he is doing this only for the Tomb Raider fans! He surely will make so many fans happy with Tomb Raider DOX. 


Do not forget to check out Nicobass’ official channels and show your support!

  • Tomb Raider DOX Official Website:
  • Nicobass Official Twitter:
  • Tomb Raider DOX Official Facebook:
  • Nicobass’ Official Youtube Channel:


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