Exclusive ‘Blood Ties’ and Gamescom Demo Trailer

How could you start your day off any better than by watching some absolutely exclusive trailer of the brand-new ROTTR content, coming your way on October 11?

  1. “Blood Ties” DLC Trailer

Yes, Crystal Dynamics has brought back our beloved Croft Manor! “Blood Ties” will get you deep into Croft Manor and its secrets when Lara has to find proof that she is the rightful heir, as her uncle contests ownership of the estate.
You can expect every room in the Manor to be filled with little Easter Eggs, which will throw you back to earlier Tomb Raider games. There will be tons of collectibles, flashbacks to the classic games and secrets to unveil. After all, you’ll also learn a lot more about Lara’s family background.

Honestly, who of you kept locking Winston up in the freezer? What you can expect from exploring the Manor is that you’ll definitely feel Winston’s presence there!

Winston – being locked up in the freezer since 1997!

And it gets even better: After you’ve finished the “Blood Ties” story, you can return to Croft Manor and explore it freely! There is so much more stuff to collect and to remember the earlier Tomb Raider games!

“Lara’s Nightmare”, which features Croft Manor again, is a replayable mode where Lara has to defend her beloved home against zombies. This mode is said to be extremely challenging, will cause some claustrophobic feelings with a slight reference to “Baba Yaga” DLC. And it is not getting any easier: Every time you replay “Lara’s Nightmare” it will be more challenging as weapons and stuff you’ll need move around. This means you will never find anything where it was before when you hit the replay button. And why replay? Because you’re going for your best score!

You’ll have the chance to play “Blood Ties” with PlayStation VR! This means a 1st person view for you, you will literally BE Lara Croft, physically move around and see everything through her eyes! People who wear glasses shouldn’t have any issues with the VR glasses, too.

And now sit back, relax and have a look at the exclusive “Blood Ties”-Trailer below!



     2. Gamescom Theatre Demo (with narration)

Fans who had the chance to attend Gamescom in Cologne this month, may have already had the pleasure to see some of the content shown in this exclusive Gamescom demo video.

 Don’t hesitate and pre-order “Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration” edition today at BuyROTTR.com!

2 thoughts on “Exclusive ‘Blood Ties’ and Gamescom Demo Trailer

    1. Hi Liv, the game has been available for Xbox One since November last year, so you CAN have it for Xbox One! All the new content (Blood Ties, etc.) comes to your Xbone too with the Season Pass or by buying it in the store.

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