PAX East Art: Partly Never Seen Before Pieces

There was a lot to love about PAX East yesterday – Nathan McCree announcing an album, “The Tomb Raider Suite”, featuring the original Tomb Raider I-III Soundtrack and talking about his time back in the day at Core Design (and even how Tomb Raider and its success actually “split” the Core Design team), Meagan Marie officially announcing her “20 Years of Tomb Raider” book and publishing an almost never seen before short film “Tomb Raider: The Trilogy”. So what else could there be that melts our hearts? Right, never seen before Lara Croft art, sketches and drafts!

Never seen before TR7 Lara model by Toby Gard
Changing the TR:AoD model to the TR:Legend model
A few of Lara’s ROTTR outfits
Never seen before: Lara from ROTTR as a child
RE\Visioned: Tomb Raider Animated Series by Jim Lee, Peter Chung and Louie del Carmen – never seen before!
Tomb Raider: Ascension
Tomb Raider: Ascension
Tomb Raider: Ascension
Tomb Raider: Legend sketches
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