PAX East Announcements

The Crystal Dynamics panel has just ended and we’re left really satisfied with two huge announcements:

  1. Nathan McCree, who was responsible for the original Tomb Raider Soundtrack during his Core Design days (Tomb Raider I,II,III), has just announced that there will be an album called “The Tomb Raider Suite” featuring the original music from Tomb Raider I-III in extended length! The album will approx. be 60-80 minutes long and played by a famous Orchestra and will also have a live performance in London.
    Also, the whole process of making this will be filmed and turned into a making-off documentary!

    “The collection will include all classic compositions, as well as extensions and variations of original tracks from the first three Tomb Raider titles. The suite will then be recorded by a live orchestra at the famous Abbey Road Studios, and released for purchase on CD and digital download this autumn.”

  2. tumblr_o5y6gjQHCU1qkq7tbo2_r1_1280 Althoug this one is not very surprising it is still amazing: Meagan Marie officially announced her “20 Years of Tomb Raider” book we’ve already posted about a few days ago! Follow this link to the official blog entry about this!


3. Tomb Raider: The Trilogy (1998) – An almost never seen before short film inspired by              Lara Croft & the Tomb Raider franchise! Watch it right below:

Head over to the official blog to read more about the short film!

And in case you missed the live stream, you can (re-) watch it here!

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