Croft Manor Moves to Powerwash Simulator

And here it is – probably the most unexpected crossover of the year (and it’s only January). Starting January 31, 2023, you’ll be able to help Croft Manor shine again, including Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider treasures and famous vehicles.

Any unanswered questions? Certainly. Here we go. Square Enix, the former publishers of the Tomb Raider games, have announced that Croft Manor will be released as the first DLC of their Powerwash Simulator – and it comes with a whopping five levels.

What is the Powerwash Simulator?

Powerwash Simulator is currently available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC via Steam® and will be released simultaneously with the Tomb Raider Special Pack DLC for PS4/PS5 and Nintendo Switch. The simulator takes us to the town of Muckingham, which is covered in filth. And someone has to do the cleaning job – and that’s where you come in. The high-pressure power washers you need (and a fair selection of them) are included for free – as well as the tasks of removing mud, rust and all kinds of other dirt from buildings, vehicles and much more.

What does Lara Croft have to do with it?

Well, probably very little. But if you think about how long Croft Manor has been standing and the butler Winston in his proud age is solely responsible for the huge place including maze and training grounds (it should also be mentioned that Winston probably spends most of his lifetime in the fridge), it makes sense that Croft Manor is covered with a huge layer of dirt. And that layer wants to be removed. By you!

According to the rumors, Lara Croft not only pays for this work very honorably, in addition Lara might unpack old stories of her adventures.

The DLC includes five levels with a standalone story. You can clean and wash your way through these levels:

  • The epic Croft Manor itself – which is in a very filthy state from the roof to the basement
  • The famours Obstacle Course – considering all the training hours, terrible dirt is no wonder
  • The Croft Manor Maze – how many times have we got lost in this and ran straight into its walls while a countdown was breathing down our necks? Well. This time, it also comes with a serious layer of filth
  • Lara Croft’s Vehicles – ahhh, Venice. The famous motorboat is back – not exploded into pieces but covered in dirt. Croft’s iconic Jeep will also be featured and needs a serious powerwash
  • The (not-so-secret) Treasure Room – Valuable treasures from tombs and travels – here you can find priceless history, which would like to quickly shine again

The Tomb Raider Croft Manor DLC releases on January 31, 2023 for Powerwash Simulator on Xbox One/S, PS4/PS4, Steam, and Nintendo Switch!

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