The Tomb Raider Suite: Website Launch

The official Tomb Raider Suite Website

Today, Nathan McCree’sThe Tomb Raider Suitewebsite has finally been revealed and officially launched.

Tomb Raider Suite Website Screenshot

What the Tomb Raider Suite is about

Last year, Nathan ran a Kickstarter campaign to record his “Tomb Raider Suite“, an album featuring an incredible new recording of Nathan McCree’s original Tomb Raider I, II and III music played by a full orchestra and choir.

The very successful campaign included special rewards for the supporters. Those were able to choose between a wide range of rewards, for example Digital Downloads of the TRS, signed posters and music sheets, TRS t-shirts, vinyls, an invitation to the Composer Buffet Reception in London or San Francisco, and so forth. Besides that, some of these were exclusive to the campaign and came as limited editions. Those of you who didn’t have a chance to grab a few of these amazing rewards now have another chance to do so in the website’s e-commerce shop!

The recording sessions took place on October 16 and 17 at Abbey Road Studios in London in 2017 and the album is being finalised now.

Nathan McCree’s official website announcement and launch message

And this is what you can enjoy at the moment while discovering the brand-new Tomb Raider Suite website:

Unique to The Tomb Raider Suite, our landing page features a very special parallax image which features original sounds and other nods to the classic games which are precious to my heart.

The image is hand drawn at a resolution of 17250 x 6350 pixels, or for camera fans a whopping 109.5 megapixels. Those of you with high res monitors will no doubt enjoy a few moments to look around.

The website tells a brief story of the last 20 years and how we came to arrive at where we are today.

Our big reveal are the 2 locations for the Composer Buffet Receptions which we are sure you will love. These are sure to be two of the biggest events in the Tomb Raider calendar of 2018.

Details of the American tour will be posted on our Tomb Raider Live page as the venues are confirmed and we are very excited about this!

Our Abbey Road Recording page details the artists and production staff who were involved with the recording and we will be adding to this as we move forward.

The Prize Draws page is where you will find dates for the remaining prize draws so please do familiarise yourselves so you know when they’re coming up. We are especially fond of the Abbey Road Attendance Prize Draw page which features photos from the sessions, the winners and what they had to say about their special day.

The Memoirs page is where we will be featuring articles, videos and photos sent to us by the fans as the project progresses throughout this year. Currently we have one very special memoir written by David Carroll who was one of the Abbey Road Attendance Prize Draw winners, a very heart-felt and moving account of his time with us during the recording.

And finally we have our e-commerce shop where you will find a selection of some of the merchandise we sold during the Kickstarter campaign, the new retail album, retail album T-shirts, posters and lots of other goodies. You can also purchase a Large, Giant, or Super-sized poster of the Parallax image that is featured on our home page.

Summary of the most exciting announcements

  • The Tomb Raider Suite will have a world tour! The first stop will be North America in 2018! Keep an eye on this page to not miss on any locations!
  • The London Composer Buffet Reception will take place at famous and prestigious Hatfield House, which you may know from the Tomb Raider movies starring Angelina Jolie. The outside Croft Manor scenes of both movies were shot there!
  • The  Composer Buffet Reception in San Francisco will be held at the incredible Legion of Honor!
  • The e-commerce shop is live, meaning you can now buy wonderful Tomb Raider Suite merchandise!

Make sure to explore the website and its corresponding social channels, which you can find below


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