Fan Project Feature: Tomb Raider 21

There are plenty of amazing and creative fan projects across the Tomb Raider universe. One of the latest additions brings us back to the classic Tomb Raider games and this is why this feature will not only appear in the ‘News’ category but also in the newly launched ‘Tomb Raider Reloaded‘ category.


Tomb Raider 21, created by Alex Croft, is a pioneer project and the first interactive project within the TR community. Fans from all over the world are able to profit from the project, as long as they have access to an electronic device. Additionally, the project is supposed to be translated in languages such as Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

So, what is the project about?

“At certain times, a new level will appear on the website to be completed by you, where you will have to answer a series of questions preceded by an explanatory text that will position you correctly in order to find the right answer. Although, for that to be the case, you’ll also have to be a huge Tomb Raider fan and get the most out of the franchise, because all the questions and puzzles will be directly related about it.”

Furthermore, Tomb Raider 21 promises you that you will “Remeber the saga, play online and win prizes”. That sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? ROTTR Web has already checked out, tested and reviewed the project for you and our final result and recommendation is:

Do not hesitate, head over to Tomb Raider 21, remember Lara’s adventures and have plenty of fun! 

We have an incredible fan project here, the author’s passion about the games and the franchise can be found in every single line of his texts within the levels!

Now to the most important things:

• Have a look at the official Tomb Raider 21 website and play the first four levels!
• Don’t forget to ‘like’ the project’s official Facebook page, too.

Happy Raiding!


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