The Future of Nathan McCree’s “The Tomb Raider Suite”

Over three weeks ago, on December 18th, the world premiere of Nathan McCree’s “The Tomb Raider Suite” took place at the Apollo Theatre in London, Hammersmith. Nathan’s extended versions of several tracks right from the Tomb Raider games I-III were played live by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, while a big screen above the stage led us fans back down memory lane to the classic Tomb Raider games by featuring in-game footage and photos. 

photo credit: Wooxman

Three standing ovations and tons of positive feedback, as well as crying, emotionally touched and happy fans were the result of this wonderful evening. An experience, no one of us will ever forget. However, although this sounds like a huge success, Nathan told Daryl Baxter in the latest interview that he personally “made a financial loss on the concert”. Still, “it was worth it”. Couldn’t agree more!

After all, the concert was and is a clear success. So, what can be expected with regard to the future of the music of “The Tomb Raider Suite” in 2017?
Nathan really wants to make the album, announced at PAX East in April 2016, happen this year:

The plan for the album is likely to be a Kickstarter. We hope to announce it in February, launch in March for one month, and if all works out we release the album in July”

Furthermore, there’s still hope for a world tour!

photo credit: Wooxman

Have you already checked out Nathan’s Soundcloud page? You can find the extended versions of three tracks, namely “Vertigo”, “The T-Rex” and “A Friend Since Gone” from his Tomb Raider Suite there and listen to them in full lenght! Don’t miss this!


As of now, we’re waiting for the Kickstarter to go live, which will hopefully happen very soon. Make sure to follow Nathan’s official Facebook page and Twitter! We will keep you updated with all the latest news on the Kickstarter campaign and “The Tomb Raider Suite”. Also, don’t forget to read this fantastic interview with Nathan by Daryl Baxter!

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