Merchandise: Rise Of The Tomb Raider Play Arts Figure

Now available: The Rise of the Tomb Raider Play Arts KAI figure!

Are you looking for a nice addition to your Tomb Raider collection? Then you might find the perfect merchandise addition in the newly released Play Arts KAI ROTTR figure! The lovely figure comes with a lot of accessories to equip Lara with before she dives into her next adventure.

“We aimed for a realistic construction in this figure, so of course we have honored the fine details, such as her jacket and other clothing, and her determined facial expression. Her hair, pulled up into a ponytail, is articulated by an orbital joint, making it possible to stage her in the dynamic poses characteristic of this fearless explorer.

The rugged finish on this figure, along with her many iconic accessories, such as her climbing axe, bow and arrows, and more, allow memorable scenes from the game to be recreated faithfully.”

– Square Enix Play Arts KAI Team

Pick up your Lara Croft figure today in the Square Enix Europe store!

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