Why Lara Croft is the “realest”Superhero

It is hard to explain with words why Lara Croft is the most real superhero we have out there. Let’s start with a quick (and nostalgic!) walk down memory lane before you’ll be redirected to a very well written article that tries to explain this:
We all have been known Lara Croft from the very beginning of her raiding career in 1996 – yes, for 20 years now! The first Tomb Raider game was released October 25 1996 for Sega Saturn, closely followed by the release for Playstation and MS-DOS. Let’s stop here for a second to catch some breath!
With her first adventure, we totally fell in love with the heroine of the games: Lara Croft. Tomb Raider II was released in 1997, Tomb Raider III in 1998 and Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation in 1999, followed by Tomb Raider: Chronicles in 2000. With Last Revelation and Chronicles it seemed like Lara Croft would not return. But then, in 2003, The Angel of Darkness was released and Lara was back! With the release of Tomb Raider: Legend in 2006, Lara and the TR games experienced a first reboot. Now developed by Crystal Dynamics instead of Core Design, the game got a total make-over. In 2007 Tomb Raider: Anniversary, a remake of the first Tomb Raider game, was released. With the 2008 release of Tomb Raider: Underworld, Lara Croft’s story from Legend was continued.
Then, it got pretty quiet around Lara. Finally, in 2013, Tomb Raider was released and so another reboot of the franchise. In 2015, Rise of the Tomb Raider was released in which Lara continues her rebooted story. And this is where we are now. Are you impressed already? Yes? Then let me tell you that THIS was only the chronological history of the different releases of the different Tomb Raider games out there.

Why Lara Croft is, besides from having her in our lives for two decades now, the ‘realest‘ superhero, tells you Matt Sayer in his very well written article!

Fanart by Pedro-Croft

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