Happy Birthday, Lara Croft!

February 14th is not just the so called “Valentine’s Day”- no, it is so much more than this! Our beloved heroine Lara Croft was born on February 14th 1992 (as far as the reboot games since 2013 are concerned), as the only child of Lord Richard and Amelia Croft.
Unfortunately, her parents were often absent and after Lara’s mother died, her father spent much time away. Since Lara grew up with no siblings and was therefore often pretty alone, she found solace in books, which fueled a lust for adventure and archeology. Lara became an orphan after her father’s apparent suicide.

Regarding the classic Tomb Raider games, starting in 1996, our heroine was born on February 14th 1968 and raised at Croft Manor in a world of aristocracy. She enjoyed private tutoring from age 3-11 and from age 11-16 Lara attended the Wimbledon High School for girls.

Happy birthday, wonderful Lara Croft! We cannot say how very pleased we are to have you jumping, shooting and exploring on our screens since 1996 (20 years!).

Happy birthday, Lara!

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